God wants your life to be an adventure!

Whether serving in a local ministry or going to the other side of the world, missions advance God's Kingdom and change you. Let God stretch your faith by volunteering to take part in the greatest work on this planet.

Forest Park Missions will take you as far as you want to go–locally, nationally or worldwide. We have ministries and trips in each area. Check out the opportunities below and discover exciting ways you can serve. The adventure is waiting and your life will never be the same!


Interested in praying for missions?

Prayer is an essential ingredient to spreading the Gospel. Please pray asking:

  • God to bless our missions partners, including those who are serving in closed contexts, and that many people would put their faith in Christ as a result of their ministries

  • God to call out both short-term and long-term missionaries from Forest Park

  • God to guide and direct Forest Park Missions

To get regular prayer email updates, click the button below, and select “Forest Park Missions Prayer.”



Interested in giving to missions?

Twelve-percent of every gift given to Forest Park goes to support missions. If you would like to give over and above your regular tithe, you can give online or write your check to “Forest Park” and designate it in one of the following ways:

  • If you designate “Missions,” your gift will be distributed as follows:

    • 50% Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – Helps support over 3,000 international missionaries

    • 20% Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – Helps support church planting in North America

    • 10% Missouri Missions Offering – Helps support church planting and various ministries in Missouri

    • 20% Forest Park Missions – Helps send out our missions teams

  • You can give directly to the following offerings or any of our partners by designating your gift to the appropriate offering or partner:

    • Lottie Moon Christmas Offering – International missions

    • Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – North America missions

    • Missouri Missions Offering – Missouri missions

  • You can give directly to any of our Forest Park missions teams by designating your donation to the team of your choice. You can also give to our scholarship fund, which helps offset the cost of missions trips for our participants.

  • If you designate “Forest Park Missions,” your gift will be used to support our Forest Park teams in general.

  • If you are interested in giving to a participant on one of Forest Park's missions teams, download the Missions Giving Policy Form and submit with your check at your campus or to Pastor Brock Cummins (brock@forestpark.church).



Interested in going on a missions trip with Forest Park?

Our missions trips are available to view at the link below. Head on over and see what trips we have coming up!

Short-Term Missions Trip Application

If you are interested in participating in a short-term missions trip with Forest Park, download the Missions Trip Application Form and submit to Pastor Brock Cummins (brock@forestpark.church).



Missions Trip Recap Videos