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Grow with God. Grow with others.

LifeGroups are ongoing groups whose purpose is to help you grow with God and grow with others. LifeGroups provide opportunities to wrestle with the truths of Scripture so you will have a better understanding of who God is, as well as provide the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with others.


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Learn how LifeGroups at Forest Park are impacting peoples' lives.


Forest Park Carthage: Greg Walker & Katie Coen

Forest Park North: Jordy McKaskle, Jennifer Adkins & Cory Adkins

Forest Park Joplin: Brock Cummins & Melissa Rutledge


Connection Groups

Connection Groups provide a great opportunity to connect with others while studying a specific topic. Some examples of connection group topics are parenting, finances, Christian worldview, basic doctrines, etc. These short-term groups help individuals to grow in a specific area while building relationships with others.

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Support Groups

Support Groups bring people together who have had common experiences. The goal of these groups is to provide encouragement, accountability, comfort, resources and advice. Some examples would include cancer, healthy living, single parenting, divorce, grief, adoption, foster care, etc. We all need support, and these groups provide the perfect place to find encouragement from others who have had similar experiences.

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